As a contractor with Mantech, executed reliability engineering analyses for Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) space based imaging electronics to support Critical Design Review.  Providing analysis and subject matter expert consultation to the design and mission assurance organizations.  Analysis projects include EE part stress analysis, Worst Case Circuit Analysis, (Digital Worst Case Timing Analysis proposed), Interface Failure Modes Effects Analysis, and Single Event Effects Analysis.  Analyses completed per JPL design and mission assurance process requirements.

  • Digital Systems include Xilinx Virtex 5, Microsemi RTAX2000 FPGAs, SDRAM, NOR, NAND Flash, Ethernet, MIL-STD-1553, RS-422, Camera Link, IMU, and cPCI to RAD-750 SBC, and Power Converter Unit cPCI assemblies
  • Analog/Mixed-Signal Systems include Intersil DC-DC converters, discrete power control, discrete optical isolators, 12 bit ADC (SPI interface), and AD590 temp sensors
  • Contributed to engineering change orders and CDR preparedness. Customer collaboration result in recommendation by the Cognizant Engineer Steven Schroeder to other members of the MARS 2020 technical staff.
  • Executing reliability engineering analyses of JPL technology demonstration project for the Total Control Electronics Assembly. Systems include embedded FPGA and Analog/Mixed-Signal designs for a multiple actuator control system design.
  • Mentoring other engineers in executing SEEA and FMECA analysis products.
  • Providing system design, requirements development, and reliability engineering expertise to the execution of the worst case analysis effort.
  • Providing customer interface to JPL 3X and 5X personnel for the analysis team on the program including discussions on numerous engineering changes recommendations to ensure proper design implementation.
  • Performing electrical part stress analyses for the TCE system electronic assemblies.
    • For the TCE ACT assembly ensured safe operating area of the actuator power FETs. Ensured that power sequencing requirements were met. JPL CogE implemented a design correction discovered to correct test anomalies.
    • For the TCE OSE assembly worked with the CogE in implementing engineering changes to ensure that part stress and performance requirements were met.


Seymour, Missouri